SLA replacement Batteries


Li-Start lithium SLA replacement batteries are characterised by:


Our most popular rechargeable lithium SLA replacement battery is the Li-Start TY12V7A15. This is the equivalent to what is often called an “alarm battery” and is found in everything from gate openers to sailplanes. With the correct charger, the Li-Start battery will outlive the SLA, with less weight and higher performance due to the low volt drop under load and high current capability.

The TY12V7A15 is the largest capacity LiFePO4 battery that can relatively easily be shipped by air under IATA regulations, and is normally available ex-stock.


TY12V7A15 Battery pack specifications:


Chemical system LiFePO4
Capacity 7.5Ah at 0.2C discharge
Nominal voltage 12V
Size (L,W,H) 151*65*94mm
Weight 1.09kg
Normal continuous discharge current 7.5A 7.5A
Max continuous discharge current 15A
Over current protection 70A 10ms
Discharge cut-off voltage 10V
Charger current ≤5A, Use a CC/CV type
Charge voltage 14.4 +/- 0.2V
Inter resistance ≤80mΩ
Charge temperature range 0 to +45c
Discharge temp range -20 to +65c
Storage temperature 0 to 40c at half charged state
Recommended long term storage 15 to 25c
Storage environment humidity 65% RH
Environment humidity ≤85% RH
Shell material ABS

BMS parameters

Voltage   (charge mode: CC/CV)
Single cell charge balance voltage 3.6v
Single cell balance current 70mA
Self-discharge current ≤50uA
Max continuous discharge current 15A
Over charge protection
Over charge protection voltage 3.90v
Over charge protection delay time 0.5—1.5s
Over charge release voltage 3.80v
Over discharge protection
Over discharge protection voltage 2.00v
Over discharge protection delay 0.5—1.5s
Over discharge release voltage 2.50v
Over current protection
Over current protection current 70A
Over current protection delay 5-20ms
Over current release Cut off load
Short circuit
Condition: external short circuit
Short circuit protection delay time 200-500us
Release condition Cut off load = releases automatically
Internal resistance (MOSFET) ≤20 mΩ
Working temperature range -40 to 85c
Storage temperature range -40 to 125c
Temperature protection 65c

Battery Charge/Discharge Curve




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Other Li-Start lithium SLA replacement batteries

The following table lists all available Lithium rechargeable batteries which are designed to replace industry standard SLA types. Batteries with a nominal energy content exceeding 100Wh will be subject to longer shipping times.