Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry is the optimum choice for solar 

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Lithium iron phosphate is the best choice for energy storage in off-grid applications for several reasons.

For small or large systems, lithium is the most cost-effective and efficient battery. LifePO4 has many benefits, including the lowest lifetime cost and unparalleled performance.

Valuable LifePO4 Features

LifePO4 is able to cycle to 80 percent depth of discharge over 5000 times, which means over 13 years. No other battery chemistries come close to competing with this battery life span.

As for performance, lithium is very efficient. Lithium batteries charge 30 percent faster than lead acid batteries.

While discharging, LifePO4 has a flat voltage profile. During peak load, lithium battery voltage does not drop off badly like lead batteries do. Moreover, lithium batteries are able to deliver high currents for long periods, without the apparent loss of capacity that lead batteries exhibit under similar circumstances.

LifePO4 batteries have a better charge acceptance than lead batteries, improving the overall efficiency in harnessing solar energy, especially at low sun angles.

Built-in Battery Management Systems protects LifePO4 batteries against deep discharge, and overcharge, and ensures continuous cell balancing.  This coupled with a long battery life span, make lithium the most reliable option for remote communication towers, water reservoirs, weather stations and geotechnical monitoring.

LifePO4 technology is the only choice for long life, maintenance free solar power systems.

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