Choose a Lithium battery for your off-road secondary battery 

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Have you ever thought about whether there is a better battery than the large lead leisure battery that you use to power your fridges and other equipment?   There is and it is lithium.

Here are the main reasons why you should choose a lithium-iron phosphate battery for your next off road expedition:

Life Span

The best reason to choose a lithium-iron phosphate battery is its incredible life span. With no maintenance required, a lithium battery lasts, on average, about 10 times as long as a top quality lead acid battery – at only three or four times the cost.

Just removing the lead battery frequently is heavy work. The lithium battery is significantly lighter and can last up to 13 years, a significant part of your off-roader’s entire life.  How long did your last lead acid battery last?


A lithium-iron phosphate battery has much better deep-cycle performance than a lead acid battery. Lithium batteries are able to frequently deep cycle and then recharge to full with less performance degradation over time than a lead battery.

An added advantage is that a lithium battery charges up much faster from deep discharge than a lead acid battery and is able to do so without any special procedures or care, as required with lead batteries.

Lead battery performance drops off badly at low temperatures and its life is shortened by high temperatures. On the other hand, lithium batteries and their performance are hardly affected by temperature extremes.

Weight & Size

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are smaller and weigh less than lead acid batteries, leaving you more space and carrying capacity for other important things on your trip. Since you won’t be changing it frequently, easy accessibility is no longer a major requirement. And for the same space taken up by your old lead battery, a lithium battery will provide on the average about 30% more capacity.


Finally, when you’re out in the bush, battery safety should be a top concern. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are among the safest on the market, making them the best choice for off-roading. Unlike flooded lead acid batteries, they require no water top up and are therefore significantly less hazardous, especially in a roll over.

Go green on your next off road trip – choose a lithium battery.

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